Staff were invited to an initial engagement session in November as an opportunity to meet and hear from Greater Manchester Mental Health Chief Executive Neil Thwaite and other members of the Executive Leadership Team.

A link to the recording is below for those who were unable to join. 

The following topics were covered during the question and answer session. These have been added to the online FAQs for all staff to refer to.

  • Overview of Greater Manchester Mental Health
  • Culture of both organisations coming together
  • Timeline - when will staff know if they will be acquired by Mersey Care or GMMH
  • Wigan Criminal Liaison Justice Team
  • Corporate functions / agile working
  • Pathways for clinical leads
  • Electronic recording systems at GMMH
  • Capital investment plans for community mental health
  • Integrated care approach
  • AHPs
  • Peer-led training
  • Bank staff
  • Apprenticeship programmes
  • Thank you