Publish date: 16 March 2021

Author: Joanne Moore2

When you transfer to GMMH, you will need a new ID badge. GMMH is not able to access your existing staff photograph stored on ESR, so have put in place a process for you to provide a photo.

You will need to complete a short online form and you will then be prompted to send a photo by email. You need to send your photo by Friday 19 March.

As with passport pictures, your photo will need to be in a certain format:

  • Face forward and look straight at the camera in close-up of your face, head and shoulders
  • No sunglasses or tinted glasses and no hair across the eyes (we recommend that, if possible, glasses are removed for the photo)
  • Please do not wear a head covering, unless it is for religious or medical reasons
  • Make sure there are no other objects or people in the photo
  • No lanyards from other organisations should be worn and no identifiable branded clothing
  • The photo should be taken against a plain cream or plain light grey background
  • The photo should be clear, in colour and in sharp focus
  • It should be a recent photo, ideally taken within the last month

For staff who do not use email regularly, managers are asked to support the process by helping staff access the link and email their photo (they will need the staff member’s ESR number which can be found on pay slips).