Communication with patients and service users

Ahead of our Wigan, Bolton and GM services transferring to Greater Manchester Mental Health, we want to make sure we’re informing patients about the transfer of services and health records and reassuring them about their care.

Our key messages for patients are:

  • their care will not be affected
  • they will continue to see the same healthcare professionals and receive care in the same locations
  • they will notice a change to the logo on the letters they receive after 1 April 2021
  • patient records will transfer to the new organisation and will remain secure and confidential, in line with Greater Manchester Mental Health’s privacy policy

Your patients may direct questions about the transfer to you as health professionals delivering their care. Please advise them using the information above or direct them to our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 01925 664450.

How we’re informing patients

Information has been added to our service webpages, social media and we published a joint health column in the Wigan and Leigh Observer newspapers on 16 March which explains the transfer. The health column is also available on our website.

We have produced a transfer of services poster for displaying in patient facing and visitor areas and have included information in patient letters sent via Rio.

Information is also being shared with our local health and care partners through their communication channels.

Your support to share these messages is greatly appreciated.