Publish date: 23 February 2021

Author: Joanne Moore2

We wanted to provide some important updates in relation to the ongoing staff consultation ahead of the transfer of staff and services to Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.


Measures are any potential changes the new employer intends to take which may impact on staff.

We have received a list of measures from Mersey Care which you can read in full on StaffZone. You should now be offered the opportunity to be consulted about these through follow-up group sessions. Details will be added to StaffZone:

The Greater Manchester Mental Health measures already shared are also on StaffZone.

Measures can change at any point up to the date of transfer. As such, you will receive a full list of the measures for the organisation you are transferring to as part of your final confirmation letter before the date of transfer.

Corporate staff alignment for Mersey Care

This week, those corporate staff transferring to Mersey Care will receive further details about which director your team will come under in the Mersey Care structure and information about what you can expect from your new director in terms of an introductory call during March and April with the team.  

Details about staff transferring to GMMH

Under the TUPE regulations, we must provide information about transferring employees to the new employer. This is called Employee Liability Information (ELI). The ELI data includes the identity of staff who are transferring and also provides information about the role they are employed in and details of pay and other contractual arrangements. This data has to be shared no less than 28 days before the transfer. We will therefore be sharing this information with GMMH shortly.

GMMH vacant posts

There are a number of roles GMMH has identified it needs in addition to the posts that will TUPE transfer into the organisation. These posts will be ring-fenced for our staff before they are advertised publically.

To be considered for these roles you will need to meet the criteria within the person specification for the available post. Any appointed candidates will be recruited by GMMH rather than transfer their employment under TUPE. Further details will be shared as soon as possible.

Mersey Care internal posts

Starting this week, any vacant posts that would usually be advertised for internal staff only at North West Boroughs or at Mersey Care will now be advertised within both trusts and staff from either organisation are eligible to apply. This will apply for all bands.

As per the usual process, some jobs will continue to be advertised externally immediately (therefore open to anyone). In addition, staff who are formally at risk will remain a priority before any posts are advertised internally or externally.

Updating personal details on ESR

Staff ESR data will be transferred to the new organisations and formal letters relating to your transfer are sent to your home address, so it’s important to make sure your home address and other personal details, including equality and diversity information, are up-to-date on ESR.

Managers – please speak to your team and make sure all team members’ personal information is up-to-date in the system.

Consent to transfer occupational health records

Next week you will receive a letter about the transfer of your occupational health record to your new organisation. We are required to gain your consent for the transfer of occupational health records and the letter will explain this in more detail.

Further information and support

Frequently asked questions are available on StaffZone and are being updated regularly.

If you have a question, you can email in confidence. Any individual-specific questions will be answered directly and not shared more widely.

We know organisational change like this can be unsettling. There is support available to you throughout the process should you need it. Please speak to your line manager in the first instance.

Occupational Health can also provide support and can be contacted on 01925 664010.

Consultation end date

Consultation for staff transferring to GMMH runs until Tuesday 2 March.

To allow time for staff transferring to Mersey Care to be consulted on the proposed measures referenced above, we are extending the consultation deadline to Friday 12 March.