For our Leaders

During these next tentative steps, we want to  support you in your own personal recovery. To do this we will need our leaders and managers to support their teams and individuals effectively enabling the Trust to reset and continue business as usual activity with as little long.

What do you do next?

Take some time to explore this page and think about the offerings that may help you. Remember that it is ok to not be ok, but it is also ok to be ok too.

How does it work?

Some  elements of  the programmes and materials will be  available for you to use immediately, others will come online as we progress through the recovery and become more relevant. The varied delivery methods and time commitments are identified using the same icons throughout the offers. 

Each of the offers will give you:

These are mainly reflective materials and tools for you and your teams to utilise and will be the starting point of your journey.

something to think about.png

Reflective Journal

journal to support rest, reflection and learning during and after Covid-19

Here you will find resources that give you a little bit more information through signposting or options for different tools you could utilise for yourself or you team.

Staff wellbeing hub

staffwellbeinghubicon.pngThere is a wealth of resources and materials available for our leaders to access under the  Leaders, managers and teams section of the staff wellbeing hub. You will find simple tools,      information and resources to support the wellbeing of your team. 

Coming soon!  

coming soon blue.pngWellbeing conversations training

Build your skills as a coach to help you to have wellbeing conversations which help to support the wellbeing of your team.

leadinghealthyteams.pngLeading healthy teams

Bite sized sessions with practical advice and tools to support you and your teams. If there is a particular topic that you would find helpful, please email





Caring for your teams programme

Virtual Caring for your teams programme aimed at supporting leaders to care for the wellbeing of their teams.

leadershipcircles.pngLeadership circles

Space and time for leaders and managers to connect, share experiences and access peer to peer support.