Publish date: 24 May 2021

There will be disruption to emails to and from email addresses between 10am and 5pm on Monday 31 May (bank holiday).

This is because email data is being migrated to the new accounts ahead of transfer on 1 June.

Emails may take longer to send and be received during this period, but they will process eventually.

As some point during the day, you will be prompted to log out and log back in to Outlook using your new email address ( and existing password.

You will also need to log out of Microsoft Teams and log back in using your new email address. A user guide is available to help with this if you need it.

Emails sent and received using mailboxes will not be affected. This means any referrals sent to email addresses from outside the organisation will be received without delay.

Anyone who is not working on the bank holiday should refer to the detailed Informatics information on StaffZone.