FFP3 masks rely on a good seal against the face to work effectively. This is so that when you breathe air in, it is drawn into the filter material, where the air is cleaned. If there are any gaps around the edges of the mask, 'dirty' air will pass through these gaps and into your lungs.

All staff who may be required to carry out aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) in their role need to be fit tested for FFP3 masks. This includes: 

  • All clinical inpatient staff

  • All community staff who standardly conduct AGPs as part of their role

Community staff who don't carry out AGPs do not need to be fit tested. If you are unsure if you need to be tested, please email fittesting@nwbh.nhs.uk

New FFP3 mask stock

Due to a change in stock of FFP3 masks, all staff who have previously been fit tested (pre-November 2020) are now required to undergo retesting with new stock, which will be in use across the Trust by the new year. Please ensure you have been retested by attending one of the drop-in sessions.

Fit testing dates

The sessions are now running by appointments slots. To book a testing slot, please email Fittesting@nwbh.nhs.uk and advise which date you would like to attend. An appointment slot will then be confirmed with you.

Date  Time Location
Wednesday 19 May  10:00-16:00 Norton Day Unit
Tuesday 25 May 10:00-16:00 CPA Room 6




Friday 14 May  09:00-13:30 Room G (upstairs)      
Thursday 20 May 18:30-22:30 Room G (upstairs)      
Friday 28 May 09:00-13:30 Room G (upstairs      




Sunday 16 May 09:00-17:00 Family room
Sunday 23 May 09:00-17:00 Family room
Thursday 27 May 18:30-22.30 Family room




Tuesday 11 May 10:00-16:00 Whimbrel - First Floor, Hollins Park House
Friday 21 May 09:00-13:30 Whimbrel - First Floor, Hollins Park House

You MUST be clean shaven on the day of testing and you cannot eat, drink, smoke, vape or chew gum for 30 mins prior to testing (drinking water is permitted).

For any queries, please email fittesting@nwbh.nhs.uk

To ensure the FFP3 masks provide the highest protection for individual wearers, staff are reminded to follow the below guidance at all times.

It's very important to put your mask on correctly and perform a fit check every time you wear an FFP3 mask. If an air leak is felt during this check, the FFP3 mask must be refitted and the fit check performed again.

How to perform a fit check for an FFP3 mask:

  • After applying the mask and moulding it to your face, exhale sharply and feel for any air leakage around the mask.

  • If no air leakage is felt, your mask is safe to use.

The correct technique for removal of level 3 personal protective equipment (PPE), including FFP3 masks, can be found in the video below at 3:05.