Publish date: 27 November 2020

Author: Tracey BoageyGibson

To Our Paul.

My friend and colleague of 12 years.

For the ‘cheery’ good mornings but singing by 11am.

For all of the laughter and daft videos to make us smile.

For the glasses held together with tape.

For remembering the things I liked and taking the care to share with me.

For the Cumbria versus Derbyshire debates,  two places close to our hearts.

For the Barms versus Cobs debates-they will live on.

For the being the master of photo selfies.              

For being so annoyingly photogenic.

For the childhood photos and stories that came with them.

For noticing when someone might not be feeling nop notch  in the office and bothering to check it out.

For the fancy dress and taking on the role of Santa.

For your special chair laughs to support your glass back.

For your charity baking day attempts.

For teaching our student’s about Kidney filtration rates.

For the song you sang as child with your puppy dog eyes.

For your hospitiality.

For the way you called all the Mums ‘Mam’.

For your kindness,  thoughtfulness and most of all



Love Tracey BG.x



For always listening, for hearing for showing you cared.