Publish date: 1 May 2021

We have agreed to join the Winwick Litter Network and there is a Facebook group called “Winwick Litter Network” which you can join by following this link:

We have been invited to “adopt” a circuit which extends from the site along Hollins Lane, down Old Alder Lane (opposite Fiddle I’ the bag), back up Watery Lane to Hollins Lane and returning to the site.

Chloe McKeown will coordinate our picking activities and it would be great if people who want to get involve contact Chloe by email:

You can decide how long you want to pick for, half an hour, an hour, a couple of hours and we will provide High Vis jackets, gloves, litter picking grabbers and bags.

We recommend that you dress appropriately with particular attention to what you have on your feet; boots or heavy trainers might be best.

We will only pick in pairs so we don’t have an isolation risk.

When we are picking we ask that you stay on pavements or if you are on a lane with no pavements make sure that you face towards oncoming traffic.

Where possible we ask that you bring the litter bags back to the Hollins Park site, but if you are filling a lot of bags then you can leave them in designated spots.

So I of you are interested in getting involved contact