We believe it's not just what we do that is important; it's the way we do things which sets us apart from other organisations.

Some time ago, our Executive Leadership Team thought about the behaviours they see every day around our Trust. They chose the best examples which sum up our culture and values and how we would want to see all staff behave on a daily basis.

This is the result...

Following on from the feedback received through core brief and inductions, this short animation captures how you said you feel when the behaviours are displayed well and how you feel when they are not:

We have taken the opportunity to refresh the way our values look, in line with our Trust branding which was introduced last year.

We know you are familiar with the old visual of our five values, so wanted to make sure there is no confusion when you see the new design, which includes icons to represent each of the value pairs, alongside existing wording.

This short animation will help explain the journey we have taken and why, we hope you like it!

You can view our 'Values' poster, for you to download and put up in your department.