The lessons learned framework has been established to ensure when an incident or event occurs we identify the learning to support quality improvements and prevent serious incidents from happening again. Incidents are just one source of learning; we can learn from a wide variety of sources including: our service user and carers’ feedback; investigations; inspections; audits; thematic reviews and local quality improvement projects to name but a few.

The lessons learned framework supports a process and culture of identifying learning that can be shared in order to increase awareness and take action to reduce incidents recurring and to make quality improvements.

Under the resources and templates section below, we have provided access to tools and resources that you can use to review an incident to identify learning and establish actions for implementation. In addition a Lessons learned Briefing template is included for you to summarise the learning and share for spread and impact to colleagues and work programme leads. We also encourage staff to share best practice on the discussion forum

There is also a Lessons Learned Framework Standing Operational procedure for you to access.

If you require further advice and guidance, please contact: Your ACD, Head of Quality, Matron or email your query to: