In order to support the delivery of our coaching culture at the Trust a group of our top Leaders completed a Post Graduate certificate in Executive Coaching and graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University on the 23 July 2013. This means the Trust now have a cohort of executive qualified coaches within the Trust.

These coaches will be able to better support our leaders in their coaching conversations. They are not the Trust resources to "do all the coaching" but are there to support and develop individual expertise.

The services of the postgraduate coaches are being offered to all new employees, newly promoted managers or managers that are going through a period of organisational change and will help existing managers build on the Trust coaching programme experience. They will assist individual’s to explore in greater depth their skills, emotional awareness and use of self in a coaching relationship. In addition, it will provide the individual with an opportunity to explore their role in building high performing teams and how they contribute to, and support, the development of a coaching culture within the Trust.