​The Risk Management Team is responsible for the incident and risk reporting and management systems, including serious incidents (SIs). 

Please refer to the Datix web page for access to the risk and incident forms and guidance documents 

We are also responsible for monitoring that the Trust is compliant with Risk Management standards as described by the NHS Litigation Authority and Care Quality Commission. 

We are responsible for providing a variety of risk management reports for both internal and external reporting requirements including on the StEIS and NRLS systems for serious incidents and patient incidents respectively. 

We arrange the Trust’s risk management training including Root Cause Analysis training (RCA) and Datix training. We can give you advice on reporting incidents and risks. 

You can contact the risk team by telephone on 01925 664 825 / 01925 664 183 or by email risk@nwbh.nhs.uk or seriousincident@nwbh.nhs.uk