Our Trust is committed to Security and has a Security Management Executive Director and Non-Executive Director who lead on security at Board Level. This ensures that security is taken seriously at the highest levels within the organisation. 

To assist the executive director, the Trust employs a local security management specialist (LSMS),  

Our Local Security Management Specialist work includes: 

  • Promoting a pro-security culture throughout the Trust. 
  • Establishing and promoting local measures to tackle violence against staff and professionals in accordance with the SMS national framework and guidance. 
  • Ensuring that all work is undertaken within a professional and ethical framework developed and provided by the NHS SMS. 
  • Applying risk management techniques to security management and ensuring incidents are recorded and reported. 
  • Building effective security management communication strategies.
  • Providing specialist advice to the Trust Board, Managers and all staff on managing violence and aggression in the workplace. 

The LSMS also work closely with the Head of Learning Development. This ensures that the Trust Lecturers in Conflict Resolution train staff in accordance with national guidance and is of the highest quality. 

For further information or to contact the Trust's Local Security Management Specialist, email: security.management@nwbh.nhs.uk.