Publish date: 22 April 2021

Author: Joanne Moore2

Winwick Litter Network which is a community run resource for reporting and volunteering to clean up litter problems in Winwick, Warrington. 

Our Chief Executive Simon Barber was contacted by the group a few weeks back and was asked if anyone from the Trust who are based at Hollins Park or live in the area would like to get involved in their network.

We know that some of you enjoy a nice walk around Winwick so whilst doing this you could tie the two in and help keep our local community tidy.

If you are interested in taking part the network recommend that you have at least a picker / grabber, hi-vis, strong gloves and bin bags. 

Simon has arranged a meeting with the network this Monday 26 April at 2.30pm outside the bandstand at Hollins Park. If you are interested and would like to get involved feel free to go along and join Simon to find out more.