Publish date: 7 October 2020

​Thank you to the 120 staff who attended yesterday's session to hear from Mersey Care Chief Executive Joe Rafferty and Amanda Oates, Executive Director of Workforce, Chris Lyons Director of Corporate Transformation, Trish Bennett, Executive Director of Nursing and Operations and Dr Noir Thomas, Executive Medical Director.

A link to the recording is below for those who were unable to join.

Staff feedback has been positive following the event and it was great to hear Joe talk authentically about:

  • How honoured and proud he and Mersey Care were to be asked to acquire our Trust
  • How Mersey Care will as much learn from us as we will from them and that it's about being honest with each other about the things we each do well and what we can improve
  • The importance of stabilising things during the first 12 months to make sure they get to know us and we get to know them
  • The huge positive benefits we have already seen through the work we have collaborated on so far with a shared informatics function, shared Occupational Health function and shared clinical lead for IAPT services
  • Enjoying the opportunity to have this chat and looking forward to meeting us whole heartedly

The following topics were covered during the question and answer session. These will be added to the online FAQs for all staff to refer to.

  • Overview of Mersey Care
  • Rumours about CAMHS being run by Alder Hey
  • Job safety for leadership teams
  • STP and ICS working
  • Centralising elements of cost saving
  • Deciding factors for alignment of corporate staff to Mersey Care / Greater Manchester Mental Health
  • Specialised roles
  • Timeline of transaction
  • Corporate services and redundancies
  • Moving services from different directorates
  • Sharing good practice
  • Peer support worker roles / Live Rooms
  • Council of Governors and constituencies


Times and dates for sessions next week are available on StaffZone

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