To date, the Trust’s position around video conferencing and online meeting software is as follows:

Video Conferencing Software


Micosoft Teams

  • Business calls and meetings including training
  • Patients: one-to-one basis and group sessions

(IG guidance for the use of Teams with patients, including keeping email addresses private and recording sessions will be available soon)

Attend Anywhere

  • Patients: one-to-one basis
  • Patients: groups of up to four individuals

Zoom  - Business Version

  • Patients - clinical therapy groups (four or more individuals)
  • Medical education/training
  • Non-clinical meetings of 40 or more individuals

MS Teams has taken over from Skype for Business as the Trust's main Video conferencing platform, essentially it is a hub which will enable you and your colleagues to send instant messages, make internal calls, share, edit and collaborate on files and documents in one central, secure location.

See the Microsoft Teams page for more information and guidance.

Attend Anywhere Resource Page – provides the latest rollout schedule for teams, e-learning training materials, support contact details and other useful information.

The use of Zoom as a video conferencing solution for the Trust has not been recommended due to privacy and security issues. 

However, after careful consideration and risk assessment, the Trust has procured a small number of commercial licenses for the business (not public) version of Zoom which comes with improved security and greater privacy controls.

Therefore, the use of Zoom is limited to the purposes stated above and any requests must meet this criteria along with a clear business rationale.

Requests for a Zoom business license can be sent to for review and approval.