UK Government

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs - what you can and can’t do

Summary: Access the latest FAQs from the Government website.

​Prime Minister's letter


Large print

Easy read


Summary: Versions of the Prime Minister's letter which has been sent to every household in the country. The letter tells you about the steps the Government is taking to protect people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Get coronavirus support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person.

Webpage to register


Summary: Links to register with the service. 

​National Development Team for Inclusion

Autistic people and coronavirus

Summary: ​This document explains what coronavirus is, ways to stay safe and how to cope with change. It includes how someone can support an autistic person.

National Autistic Society

Coronavirus webpage

Summary: ​The National Autistic Society has created a page providing information about coronavirus. It covers what coronavirus is, what to do if you think you have the virus and how to help stop coronavirus spreading. The page provides resources for talking to your autistic relative and signposts to the Autism helpline.

My Health Passport webpage


Covid-19 Health Passport

(Published by Challenging Behaviour Foundation)

Summary: ​'My Health Passport' is a resource for autistic people who might need hospital treatment.
The passport is designed to help autistic people to communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

​I am autistic card webpage


Summary: ​This card is a great way for you to let them know you are autistic and that you might need some extra time or help in certain situations.

​Guidance: Keeping away from other people

Summary: ​This guidance explains the government guidelines to stay home, the closure of community businesses and not meeting in groups.

Guidance: Protecting people (shielding)

Summary: ​Guidance on protecting people most likely to get very ill from coronavirus (shielding).

Guidance: Staying at home

Summary: Guidance on being ready to stay at home.


Coronavirus webpage

​Summary: Mencap has created a webpage for coronavirus information which will continue to be updated.

Information about coronavirus:

Easy read


Summary: ​Mencap has produced information about coronavirus in an easy read format. It covers what coronavirus is and how it is spread, what to do if you think you have coronavirus and how to seek further advice.

​Update regarding staying at home:

Easy read


Summary: Mencap have produced an easy read coronavirus update following government advice to stay at home.

Coronavirus: Ways to keep busy webpage



​Summary: Mencap have created some resources to help with keep busy and helping structure your days and weeks

​Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Coronavirus webpage




​Summary: CBF has created a webpage for coronavirus information which will continue to be updated.

Coronavirus FAQs from Legal Panel

Summary: ​Over the past couple of weeks, legal panel members have been considering questions families have raised with us related to the coronavirus pandemic. The answers they have put together are included in this document


Supporting your loved one at home information sheet


Summary: It may be helpful to think about the following if you begin to see a change in the behaviour of
your relative.

Hand washing resource sheet


Summary: In this document there are some practical suggestions to make hand washing a fun activity for your loved ones as well as part of your daily routine.

​Easy read online

​Advice about the coronavirus - Easy read


Summary: ​This easy read 'Advice about the Coronavirus' document includes; How serious is the coronavirus, how can you stop the coronavirus spreading and what to do if you feel unwell.

​New rules on staying at home and away from others - Easy read


Summary: This easy read document includes; staying at home, if you go out, social distancing, symptoms of coronavirus and what to do if you get coronavirus.

Staying well at home - Easy read

Summary: This easy read document is a guide to help you keep well whilst you are staying at home.

​Social stories

​My story about pandemics and the coronavirus - Social story


Summary: ​Social story by Carol Gray about Pandemics and the Coronavirus. The social story uses large print pictures and provides contextual information about pandemics and viruses in general.

Mind Heart

Hello! My name is coronavirus - social story


Summary: ​Social Story by Manuela Molina about coronavirus.


Coronavirus – Staying safe and healthy

​Coronavirus – How to stop germs spreading

Coronavirus – How to stay safe

​World Health Organization – Coping with stress during the Covid-19 outbreak