The following guidance tools have been designed to help staff with the Information Governance (IG) agenda and challenges they may face, such as when to share information and how to securely share person confidential information within or outside of the Trust. 

Click on the links below to go to the relevant guidance.

  • IG Advisory Notes (IGAN) -  ​Detailed guidance on specific subjects that support Trust policies and procedures. 
  • Privacy notes - Notices explaining to different groups of people what the Trust will do with their personal information when they make contact with the Trust or use one of its services.
  • Training materials - Presentations and handouts used at Corporate Induction and other training sessions.
  • User guides - Step by step guides on how to use Microsoft and Adobe software to secure confidential information.
  • Back to basics guides - Presentations providing essential ‘need-to-know’ information in relation to information governance and our day-to-day work functions, such as emailing and mobile working. 
  • Scenarios - Scenarios demonstrating examples of IG related breaches to guide staff through the steps that should be taken following a breach of patient confidentiality, data protection or information security, and how breaches can be prevented.