Trust resources

Distributed by: Bethan Flynn

​Summary: ​Visual resources for communicating coronavirus scenarios


​Aphasia Friendly

​Coronavirus conversation topic:

​Summary: Cut up and use these images to support effective communication skills. Support understanding by using short sentences and illustrating key words with these images. Support expression by supporting the user to manipulate the images to illustrate their thoughts/questions.

​Keep safe - cue cards for video meetings:


​Cardmedic webpage

Summary: Cardmedic is a free digital communication tool to improve transfer of vital information through the PPE barrier to unwell and critically ill patients in the COVID-19 pandemic. An A-Z compendium of topics designed in a simple succinct flashcard style, it also provides training for healthcare professionals and volunteers working outside their usual realms of practice.

​Patient Provider Communication

​Covid-19 resources

​Summary: Free tools to support communication with patients.

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust:

Visual supports resource pack for parents and carers

Summary: The Positive Behaviour Support Service has put together this collection of visual support components that may be useful to support families/carers of people with learning disabilities.

​Guides for technology – staff communicating with patients

​Attend Anywhere - staff portal

​Summary: Attend anywhere is approved software for virtual consultations with patients. The portal contains training, support, SOPs and troubleshooting. Staff can only use this software when it has been rolled out to their team. 

​Guides for technology – staff communicating with professionals

Skype for Business

Summary: Approved software to be used for business meetings.

​Guides for technology – patients communicating with their family/friends

​If sharing the below information with patients it is crucial to inform them that these platforms are used at their own risk due to privacy and security issues.

Summary: Information and how to guides for social media communication platforms.