Following the Government announcement on 05.01.21 international travel has been restricted. You must not travel abroad unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so, such as for essential work purposes.

If you are legally permitted to travel, check the government advice for the country you are visiting.

With the increased level of uncertainty, if you choose to travel for essential work purposes and then need to comply with a quarantine period on your return, this can be covered by:

  • Annual leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Special leave (paid or unpaid)
  • Working from home where this is possible
  • Use of time off in lieu hours accrued before the travel abroad
  • Making up some of the 10 days by working additional hours or shifts above contracted hours over an agreed period of time. This must be taken within a three-month period of the time spent abroad and should not result in colleagues working over and above the 48 hours per week as determined within the European Working Time Directive
  • A combination of all of the above