Publish date: 5 October 2020

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The Trust has appointed two wellbeing and lifestyle coaches, Danny Sculthorpe and Phil Vievers to work alongside our established Occupational Health and Wellbeing Team.

The wellbeing and lifestyle coaches aim to improve physical wellbeing and mental resilience for everyone across our workforce. Both Danny and Phil have vast experience of supporting individuals through their work with State of Mind and hold recognised physical activity qualifications including Personal Training, and have undertaken mental health and suicide prevention courses, such as Mental Heath First Aid.

The Trust's health and wellbeing offer is led by our Occupational Health and Wellbeing Department. The team consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and counsellors, all of which have specific occupational health training and experience. The role of wellbeing and lifestyle coaches has been developed specifically to provide additional support to you.

Initially, the coaches will focus on staff considered to be 'at risk' following the roll out of the COVID-19 risk assessments, so additional support can be provided to keep them safe.

In addition, the coaches will be available to provide support to anyone on either an individual or group/team basis, in person or online as requested.

Sessions can focus on any of the following:

Mental fitness sessions
The coaches will share with the audience their personal story, which has proven a powerful means of getting the key messages across with real impact. The sessions will address mood, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation and, in the case of the coaches, what worked for them in turning their lives around.

The key objectives of the session are to:

  • Describe the symptoms of anxiety and depressed moods
  • Discuss issues of suicide prevention
  • List the signs of potential alcohol and drug misuse
  • Share information to improve mental fitness and wellbeing
  • Consider setting of goals and measures for overcoming adversity
  • Encourage looking out for and responding to work mates who might be experiencing problems

Support with weight management
If you are looking to lose weight, the coaches can support you. They can check your weight, height, waist circumference, calculate your BMI and then provide evidence based dietary advice. Physical activity sessions are also available.

The key objectives of the sessions are to:

  • Learn about the current UK healthy eating guidelines for adults
  • Understand Food Labels
  • Know your calorie requirements to promote weight loss
  • Find out about the best ways to stay hydrated
  • Learn about the current UK physical activity guidelines for adults and how to incorporate into everyday life

To book a session with one of our coaches or make an enquiry, please contact email our dedicated health and wellbeing mailbox:

A timetable is also being developed which will clearly present all the current initiatives available to you and this will include the new and revamped programmes which are available to access now:

Online My Menopause sessions

Online Yoga class

Sunday Circuit Class in St Helens 

All of this information and more, can be found at the Your Health and Wellbeing section of StaffZone