As the National Health Service faces the future economic challenges and works to radically transform services to improve health and health care, there is both an opportunity and a need to ensure that the capacity and capability of managers and leaders at all levels is aligned to the Trust’s strategic ambitions. Consequently, it is important that the development opportunities available continue to enable managers and leaders to enhance individual, team and service performance, whilst at the same time offer best value.

To support leaders at all levels, the Trust has developed an ambitious, performance improving, leadership development framework. The framework provides an inclusive (leaders from all disciplines) and joined-up approach to leadership development.

For our Trust, the next few years are likely to present us with a momentous leadership challenge. Delivering safe, high quality services whilst leading transformational change will require exceptional leadership skills.

As a Trust we are committed to providing development opportunities that will enable our managers, leaders and clinicians to acquire these skills so enabling us to rise to the challenges we face.