Learner raising concerns whilst on placement

Learners have an important role in raising concerns about the standard of care.

Learners will face unfamiliar and challenging situations, but this cannot account for witnessing problems with care delivery, the environment, clinical resources or believing someone is being put at risk, abused or neglected. Learner views are respected and will be acknowledged and acted on. Learners should be able to raise any questions or concerns with Practice Assessors, Practice Supervisors or Educators without fear of reprisals or negative feedback.

  • Speak to your Practice Assessor, Practice Supervisor or Educator.
  • If you are not able to speak to them for any reason, talk to the placement manager or a lead clinician.
  • contact a Practice Education Facilitator
  • If you are not happy to raise the issue with the placement, contact your tutor / Academic Assessor / learner support at your university.
  • Freedom to speak up guardian

The learner raising concerns flowchart has been developed to meet the NMC Quality Assurance Framework annex 2: Assuring the safety and effectiveness of practice learning, which states that 'As part of each practice placement induction students are informed of the importance of, and process for, raising and escalating concerns when on practice placements.  Support for students must be available for this purpose.


 Practice Education Facilitator


 Learner refers to all health, education
 and social care students, trainees, hosted learners


 Placements refers to all Learning Environments /  work based Learning Experiences


 Concerns refers to Safeguarding, Whistleblowing,  lack of placement support and quality  of placement experience