​The staff wellbeing hub is the Trust's home for all wellbeing information to support staff during and after the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. You view an overview of the staff health and wellbeing support that we offer. 

We appreciate that during the coronavirus pandemic, some of you may have experienced exceptional stress, change and uncertainty to a level many of us have not experienced before. Looking after ourselves and supporting our colleagues are two of the most important things we can do to enable us to continue to provide the best care for our service users.

The hub is a live and evolving portal for all things staff wellbeing. The hub aims to support staff by signposting information, advice, tips and specialist support to help you deal with your own wellbeing and share ways in which you can offer support to other colleagues, team members, friends and family. 

How to use the hub

We have carefully selected the most relevant and up to date resources available to support your physical, psychological, and family health and wellbeing.

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Contact us

For information, advice or to give feedback, contact us at: wellbeinghub@nwbh.nhs.uk