Below are recordings from September's live Q&A sessions with our Chief Executive, Simon Barber, and other members of the Executive Leadership Team.

You will be able to watch these recordings on any device and do not need to be on the Trust network.

Dicussion topics

  • Clarifying our working from home guidance

  • Infographic outlining our Covid-19 journey 

  • Transaction: 

    • Mersey Care, Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wigan Borough CCG making arrangements to meet staff

    • Workstreams for Mersey Care 

    • Project plan

  • Home working – IT equipment

  • Home working – agile working assessments

  • Home working – personal expenses 

  • Staff Covid-19 testing and family bubbles

  • Local restrictions and impact on service delivery, clinics and home visits

  • Including standard messages about people with symptoms in patient appointment letters 

  • Risk assessments for ‘at risk’ staff and for all staff

  • PPE compliance

  • Disposal of PPE

  • Dyslexia Awareness Week

  • Personal responsibility around PPE

  • Thank you for everything you are doing


Discussion topics:

  • Keeping our patients and each other safe
  • Pressures on public testing centres 
  • Disposing of face masks
  • Being diligent both in and out of work
  • Transaction – pension process 
  • Transaction – progression of work streams with Mersey Care 
  • Transaction – increased discussions between Wigan and Bolton and Greater Manchester Mental Health
  • Covid-19 cases increasing locally – impact on face-to-face appointments / home visits
  • Testing for staff in contact with service users
  • Staff testing – timeframes, availability and testing children of staff
  • John Heritage welcomes the opportunity to visit different services
  • Agile working and booking desks at sites across the Trust
  • Positive experiences of using our Covid-19 testing team
  • Perspex screens – we will not be using these as the infection prevention control advice is that they do not provide additional protection
  • Staff/public who are exempt from wearing face coverings
  • People in households displaying Covid-19 symptoms
  • Support our staff whose children are sent home from school due to Covid-19
  • Covid-19 working experiences survey next steps
  • Annual Members’ Meeting takes place virtually on 28 September
  • Thank you for your hard work


Discussion topics

  • Reminder about changes to work from home messages to provide more flexibility 

  • PPE audits and compliance

  • Importance of if you have Covid-19 symptoms to get tested and to stay at home 

  • Agile working and equipment 

  • Keeping reception staff safe 

  • Workwear 

  • PPE guidance on community visits 

  • Covid-19 working experiences survey closes on Friday 

  • WSPD sharing your experiences of hope

  • Peer support recruitment 

  • Update around clear face masks procurement and information to support those with hearing impairments

  • FFP3 masks fitting and testing 

  • Mersey Care and Greater Manchester Mental Health transaction update

  • TUPE process and protected pay related to the transaction 

  • Transaction project plan  

Discussion topics:

  • Clear face masks and information to support those with hearing impairments

  • Covid-19 testing for staff who regularly visit care homes

  • The position of our services now compared with before covid -19

  • Mersey Care and Greater Manchester Mental Health transaction update, including redundancy and MARS

  • Car park charges at Knowsley sites and in future at Mersey Care and GMMH sites

  • Face coverings for ward/admin offices on clinical sites

  • Tips for avoiding glasses steaming up whilst wearing masks/coverings

  • Covid-19 phase three planning approach – mental health high on the agenda

  • Potential changes to our work from home messages to provide more flexibility to be most effective