Meeting rooms in Atherleigh Park and Hollins Park

You can view all Hollins Park meeting rooms below and Atherleigh Park to the right of this page.

Name Location Floor Capacity
Falcon Hollins Park House Ground 15
Kestrel Hollins Park House First 8
Kingfisher Main In-Patient Building First 20
Lapwing Main In-Patient Building First 8
Nightingale Main In-Patient Building Ground 20
Raven Pavilion Building First 8
Sandpiper Main In-Patient Building First 8
Skylark Hollins Park House First 6
Teal Hollins Park House First 6
Whimbrel Hollins Park House First 8



Other informal meeting areas are available for use, including Beckett Day Unit, the De la Mare restaurant and the breakout area within the Education Centre. Please encourage staff and visitors to use these areas for meetings or to touch down and use the Wi-Fi. If you require a larger room, the Education Centre has various rooms which can also be used when there is no planned training taking place; to book one of these, please contact the Education Centre reception on ext 3468 (01925 664 468). 

When booking a meeting room at Hollins Park, please take into consideration other people's requirements. For example, do not book a room that is larger than you actually need, book one of the smaller capacity rooms if there are only a few people. This will free up the larger ones for bigger groups.

It has also been noted that rooms are not being cancelled in the calendars if a meeting is not taking place. Please make sure if your meeting is cancelled that the room is also cancelled at the same time to free it up for other use. This will vastly reduce the need to book external meeting spaces and therefore save costs.

The estates and facilities team monitor the use and misuse of the meeting rooms on a monthly basis and moving forward will be contacting the Heads of Service when a room has not been cancelled when the meeting is not taking place.