You may be aware that all our inpatient services use Healthroster, which is an electronic rostering system. We are now in the process of rolling this out Trust-wide and require all managers and teams to move onto Healthroster over the coming months.

We have been working closely with our colleagues at Mersey Care to jointly deliver this project. The objective for 2021 is to place all teams across both trusts onto the system, with an immediate short term focus on corporate teams. Operational teams will be added in the next phase, from April 2021 onwards.

Healthroster replaces the need for paper processes, and will centrally manage annual leave, sickness, special leave, flexible working and toil. It provides useful, reliable and live information online, which is efficient and easy to use.

Healthroster works with both finance and ESR for costing, budgeting and pay purposes, and staff will also be able to book annual leave via this system. Whether you’re an operational manager or a corporate manager, if you’re responsible for staff, you will be required to use Healthroster.

Next steps: Over the coming months, all team managers across the Trust will be contacted as part of a phased roll out. You will receive a data gathering pack which will outline all the information that is needed to get you up and running.

Someone from the eRostering Team will also be in touch to introduce you to the system and guide you through the "going live" process.

If further information is required, please contact:

With eRostering through HealthRoster, Team Managers are able to create ‘smart’ rosters that are produced automatically with consideration for NWBH Rostering Policies, European Working Time Directive, annual leave requests, and agreed Flexible Working Requests. The system knows what skills are required for each shift and what skills are held by each member of staff so that it can create a roster that fulfils these requirements. Once the roster has been automatically created, the Team Manager can make any necessary alterations then publish the roster for the staff.

eRostering enables our trust to manage their workforce more flexibly, efficiently and to make it easier for employees to choose a better work-life balance and more importantly freeing up clinical time.

Our eRostering is being provided by HealthRoster (from Allocate Software).

HealthRoster is the UK's most widely-used E-Rostering solution, used in over 60% of NHS Trusts and deploying over a million staff in more than 300 organisations worldwide.

You must access Health Roster and Employee Online via the below links as they are specific to NWBH Trust.

eRostering brings a fair, flexible, and balanced eRostering system.

Work-life balance: enables the legal requirements of the European Working Time Directive and local agreements to be balanced with the needs of service delivery.

Flexible working: Allows for formally agreed flexible working options to be honoured and help promote a healthy work-life balance.

Fair and open rostering: Reports will be available to help Team Managers ensure rostering is done fairly and enables them to provide staff with opportunity to work a variety of shifts where appropriate.

Auto-Roster: Once the HealthRoster system is programmed with your staff, patterns rules, et al, the AutoRoster feature will populate 40-60% of your roster. Team Managers and other roster creators will see resulting time savings and be able to apply this time to other tasks in their day.

Increased efficiency with payroll: Once the ESR link is in place then time sheets and eSVL's will become a thing of the past as pay will be calculated and processed through the system saving time for Team Managers, ward and admin staff at month end.

Everything in one place: Team Managers will be able to access staff sickness, annual leave, study leave, time owing and staff details all in one system. Staff will also be able to see their time owing, planned, taken and remaining annual leave as well as pay history through Employee Online. Through this same system staff will be able to request leave and duties and Team Managers can electronically acknowledge and process this at the click of button.

Eventually when the Nurse Bank module is online, requests to bank can be sent at the click of a button without having to make a phone call or type an email. Staff will also be able to input availability for bank shifts through their Employee Online as well a view their bank pay history.

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phone - 01925 664512 (3512)

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