Publish date: 20 May 2021

Warp it, our Trust’s system for reusing items, has been hit by a ransomware attack

The company holds the following data from its users who have signed up:

  • User email
  • User password
  • Staff name
  • Staff work address

There is no evidence at this time to suggest that any data has been leaked, however in line with good security practice, staff are asked to take the following actions:

  • Users are advised to change their Warp it account password once the website is back live (Warp it will advise its users)
  • Users are advised to change their password on any site where they have used the same password
  • There has not been any reports of unusual emails being sent from our website, however users should also be aware of any unusual emails pertaining to be from or

For further information contact the Information Governance Team via email: