If you are a current supervisor of a trainee and/or student the following guidance outlines your responsibilities for recording evidence of CPD and on-going practice in relation to your role.

Producing evidence of initial training and CPD is a GMC requirement and there are two specific requirements, which you have to comply with, in order to retain your status, as follows:

  1. Discuss and record your activity and development needs in relation to your supervisory role;
  2. Provide evidence of CPD and any other educational activity relevant to the role – this evidence should be uploaded onto the recognition and approval of evidence template (Clinical and Educational Supervisors Training Record), which you will find in your Appraisal folder on the G:drive.


The GMC standards for post-undergraduate training will apply with the seven domains set out by the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME), as follows:-

  1. Ensuring safe and effective patient care
  2. Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  3. Teaching and facilitating learning
  4. Enhancing learning through assessment
  5. Supporting and monitoring educational progress framework for the Professional Development of Postgraduate Medical
  6. Guiding personal and professional development supervisors
  7. Continuing professional development as an educator

What do I need to become a supervisor?

  • To become fully recognised by 2016 and to retain recognition thereafter trainers will need an annual appraisal which includes 1 piece of evidence of educational CPD (domain 7), with three different types of evidence in any five year revalidation period.
  • New trainers will need to do the following in order to be fully recognised:-
    - attend an externally accredited course and 
    - provide 1 piece of evidence from domains 1-4 for clinical supervisors, and 1-6 for Educational Supervisors

Supervisor training courses

School of Psychiatry Training the Trainers Refresher Course