Below are recordings from August's live Q&A sessions with our Chief Executive, Simon Barber, and other members of the Executive Leadership Team.

You will be able to watch these recordings on any device and do not need to be on the Trust network.

Discussion topics:

  • Working from home message is still the same

  • Covid-19 staff experience survey – how the findings will be shared and used

  • Quarantine period after travelling abroad

  • Taking time off for Covid-19 vaccination trials

  • Remaining vigilant regarding Covid-19 / safety

  • Cycle to work scheme – storage issues at St Helens Hospital

  • Development board discussions about capital scheme in St Helens, our people plan and lessons learned from our Covid response

  • Reiterating Q&A sessions are not just Covid related

  • Opening up risk assessments for all staff

Discussion topics:

  • Reminder to continue working from home wherever possible
  • Thank you for everything you're doing
  • Working from home – equipment / future plans / discount for broadband
  • Using Microsoft Teams / Zoom
  • Measuring the environmental impact / benefits of the pandemic on our Trust
  • Charitable wellbeing funds – outdoor areas
  • Covid-19 staff experience survey
  • Long service colleagues retiring from the Trust
  • Resilience and the importance of taking a break
  • Workwear in the community
  • Care space for shielding staff
  • New health and wellbeing lifestyle coaches 

Discussion topics

  • Feedback and next steps for these Q&A sessions following recent survey

  • Return of face-to-face appointments (specifically for 0-19 services)

  • Workwear

  • PPE compliance audits

  • Clear face masks

  • The future of our organisation (and specifically the impact on bank staff)

  • Cycle to work scheme – disability bikes

  • Expenses available to cover increased costs in relation to working from home (eg broadband / heating)

  • Staff wellbeing hub / future support available for staff

  • The NHS response to phase three of the response to the pandemic

  • Future funding for mental health services

  • Survey to capture staff experiences of working during the pandemic due out tomorrow