The moves will take place in three stages to enable building work to take place as needed.

Please be aware that these are expected dates and may change as the project progresses. This can sometimes be as a result of delays within the procurement and the supply chain which can impact on the timescales for work to be completed.

This information on these pages will be updated throughout the project to reflect any changes to timescales.

Staff currently based in the left hand side of Harry Blackman House have  temporarily relocate from the building to O'Hanlon Centre on site or are   working from home. This was completed by Monday 12 October.

Building work is currently due to take place Monday 26 October to Friday 27 November.

Staff who will be based at Harry Blackman House are expected to be able to move into the refurbished building during the week commencing Monday 30 November. This may need to be a staged approach.

The following teams will be based in the Community Hub at Harry Blackman House:


  • Home Assessment Team

  • Recovery Team

  • Early Intervention Team

Staff currently based in the right hand side of Harry Blackman House will temporarily relocate to allow the next phase of the building work to start.

Staff based here are currently clearing the office and this is expected to be completed by Friday 6 November.

Construction work is currently due to take place Monday 23 November to Friday 11 December.

You can see the plan for the building below:

All staff will be provided with a laptop, bag and mouse to use.

Currently there is a four to six week lead time for new equipment. We will be rolling these out one department at a time.

For staff moving as part of stage 1 of the relocations, we are expecting laptops to arrive between Monday 9 and Friday 20 November.

When your laptop is ready, you will receive a notification. This is being done in a swap shop style approach where you will return your desktop, keyboard, mouse and screen in exchange for your new equipment.

There won't be desktop printers but you will have access to a multi-functional device for printing and scanning and there will be WiFi available. 

All desks will have a screen, keyboard, and docking station. Some desks will have telephones.

  • Paperless/lite: In line with Trust policy, all offices will adopt a paperless/paper lite approach.       

  • Single offices: Only consultants will have offices. Everyone else will work in open plan offices.

  • Touchdown areas: We have incorporated five new touchdown areas for laptop users. There will be power and USB ports to four of those areas, no other IT equipment. It is proposed between the hours of 12 noon and 1.30pm these areas can be used as lunch areas ONLY.

  • Quiet rooms: There are seven quiet areas that can seat between two to four people. These can be used for one-to-one meetings, quiet time to undertake detailed work, making phone calls for example.

  • Meeting rooms: There are three meeting rooms in Harry Blackman House that you can book. These can hold up to eight people in each room, set out in a boardroom style. The tables have wheels and can be moved to open the space up.

  • Refreshment stations: These will stay in the same location.

  • Fridges: Fridges will be located in kitchens only. These will not be in office spaces.