Our Journey

Back in October 2010 our Trust set out on a journey to become a model employer and to change the culture of the organisation and make it an even better place for all staff, with the ultimate aim of improving patient experience.  During this time staff across the different boroughs and services attended workshops, aimed at providing the opportunity for staff to tell us what was important to them. 

The following key themes came out of these workshops:

  • People wanted to be listened to and be asked, not told.
  • People want to be recognised for the 95% of things they do well and not just the 5% that doesn't go well.
  • People wanted to feel engaged, empowered, valued and supported.

Enthusiastically backed by our Trust Board, this led to the Trust's vision for creating our coaching culture and our Trust Values.

A key enabler to achieving our ambition was the development of our internal coaching conversations programme, which characterises a common style for how the organisation works with its stakeholders.

The on-going success of this programme has created a movement of empowerment, with increased levels of leadership skill, improved communication and capacity for behaviour change. Each year we build upon this success through our continued delivery of our internal coaching conversations programme.

In order to further support the delivery of our coaching culture, The Trust committed to supporting a pool of Senior Leaders to become qualified accredited Coaches. They work alongside our leaders and people managers, by assisting them to explore in greater depth their skills, emotional awareness and use of self, within a one-to-one coaching relationship. In addition, it provides opportunity for them to explore their role in building high performing teams, whilst enabling them to recongise their responsibility in creating a coaching culture at the Trust.