Publish date: 24 November 2020

Author: Diane James

When you met Paul, you could tell straight away what a joker he was, great sense of humour and very very generous. He didn't mind sending himself up, dressing as Father Christmas was one of his best. He took photos of us on team nights out, which a lot of the time he arranged ,and randomly printed them off and left them on your desk....

On pay day depending on the season there was a cake or an ice lolly for everyone....he'd never have one himself though, permanently 'watching his figure '!!

Paul's humour, generosity and kindness were among his great qualities, alongside much more, he will be very missed.

David and Pauls Mum, Dad and Sisters must already know how much affection people have for Paul , which will over time help in their recovery from their very heartbreaking loss.

Sleep peacefully Paul xx

Diane and Carole