Learners will have access to a varied range of training and development opportunities across the Trust to enhance their existing knowledge and skills in patient care

Information will be available via your Practice Assessor and within the learning opportunities schedule

Learners can access valuable additional learning opportunities through a range of short visits. These should enhance the learning opportunities available in the placement area and should be agreed in advance with the learner’s Practice Assessor or Supervisor / Educator.  The main aim is to offer learners a wider experience to enable understanding of other professional roles and their contribution in the patient’s care.  Information and opportunities for short visits relevant to learner outcomes are available in each placement area and the Practice Assessor/Supervisor/Educator can help identify what may be relevant for the individual learner.

Student Access to NWBH Clinicalskills.net


As many competency assessments such as the observation competency etc have now been moved to clinicalskills.net, it is important that students complete the relevant assessments as would be expected from substantive staff. For example, a staff member would not be expected to undertake any level of observation on the ward until the Supportive Observation and Engagement Policy/Procedure had been read, understood and the Competency Assessment completed.   Students should  not be permitted to be involved in observations until they have completed the competency assessment.


If a student has already completed the relevant assessments,  they should be able to provide evidence of this via a certificate printed from Clinicalskills.net.


If it is identified that a student has not yet completed these competency assessments then the team manager or practice assessor will need to request for the student to have access to NWBH Trust version of clinicalskills.net. To do this:


  • Ask student for their full name and email address (this does not have to be their Trust email address however we recommend that it is)
  • Team manager or practice assessor/supervisor to email Clinical Skills Net ClinicalSkills.Net@nwbh.nhs.uk, giving the student nurse details and requesting that an account be created


A student may say that they have a clinical skills account with the university however, as they will not be able to access any local assessments or view any NWBH content from this, they will still require a new account with NWBH.  

Learner Access to Trust E-Learning  Modules


Trust e-learning modules can be used to widen knowledge and as a link to practice experiences.


Learners on placement are able to access Trust e-learning modules by emailing Michael Elvin, E-Learning Officer to request student access to e-learning:  Michael.elvin@nwbh.nhs.uk 


Learners should give Michael their name, date of birth and national insurance number so they can be set up with access via ESR.


 A list of e-learning topics are available via the Learning and Development Prospectus on Staffzone or via the link below: