Good nutrition and hydration are essential to positive mental and physical wellbeing.

The importance of food and drink in NHS hospitals has been highlighted in a number of reports. The Francis Report detailed examples of poor nutritional care and its recommendations were included within the Department of Health's 2014 publication 'The Hospital Food Standards Panel's Report on Standards for Food and Drink in NHS Hospitals'.

We have developed a Trust nutrition and hydration strategy and policy, which are overseen and monitored by our Nutrition and Hydration Steering Group. You can view these below

Nutrition and hydration for patients

For our patients, malnutrition and dehydration are a significant risk, and both contribute to significant harm. Making sure our patients get the nutrients they need from their diet supports and speeds up recovery. 

Healthier eating for all

In addition, national obesity rates continue to rise and we are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles amongst our staff and visitors. 

Sustainable food and catering services 

Our inpatient catering services and catering outlets aim to offer healthy food in a context of informed choice, while maintaining awareness of sustainability and environmental issues. 


Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing problems and the safe management of dysphagia forms a key part of our nutrition and hydration strategy. Find out more about dysphagia, including the safe management of dysphagia and guidance around diets for people with dysphagia here.

Download our Trust-wide Nutrition and Hydration Policy.

If you need to make a referral for a patient to a dietitian or a speech and language therapist (SLT), please visit the Physical Health In-Reach Hub page and follow the standard operating procedure (SOP). 

On this page, you can also view contact details for the Trust's dietitians and SLTs if you need to contact them directly.

For more information about the strategy, policy or anything else relating to nutrition and hydration, email:

Below are some useful links to online resources, documents and forms relating to nutrition and hydration. For resources and form relating to dysphagia and oral care, visit the dysphagia page.

Special diets

Malnutrition and healthy eating