The following page is dedicated to providing you with the templates and guidance needed to support a serious incident investigation.

Serious Incidents are adverse events, where the consequences are so significant or the potential for learning is so great, that a heightened level of response is justified. 

The following forms and guidance describe the circumstances in which such a response may be required and the process and procedures for achieving it, to ensure that Serious Incidents are identified correctly, investigated thoroughly and, most importantly, learned from to prevent the likelihood of similar incidents happening again. 

Serious Incidents include acts or omissions in care that result in; unexpected or avoidable death, unexpected or avoidable injury resulting in serious harm - including those where the injury required treatment to prevent death or serious harm, abuse, Never Events, incidents that prevent (or threaten to prevent) the Trusts ability to continue to deliver an acceptable quality of healthcare services and incidents that cause widespread public concern resulting in a loss of confidence in healthcare services. 

If you have any queries in relation to a serious incident, please contact the serious incident team on 01925 664452.