You will need to complete the appropriate request form when you need communications support.

Please complete your form fully - we need enough context and information to make an informed decision about the communications support required.

We will review completed forms, assign resource and build into our work plan as appropriate.

For straightforward, one-off requests such as:

  • Changes to content on Connect or our website
  • One-off message to staff
  • To let us know about an event you are organising
  • Leaflet/poster approval
  • Before you fill in your general communications request form, take a look at a good example so you know what type of information we are looking for

    Geneeral image.jpg                                                          

This form aims to capture the additional detail we need about new communications projects.

  • Our snakes and ladders will help you think about the information you will need to complete a communications project request form effectively
  • Before you fill in your communications project request form, take a look at a good example so you know what type of information we are looking for

prject req.jpg

  • You will receive a specified level of communications service matched to the priority and scale of your project
  • We offer three levels of service:
    • Level one - Strategic communications partnering
    • Level two - Day-to-day advice and support
    • Level three - Self-service
  • Full details of each of these are set out in our communications offer