Publish date: 19 April 2021

As restrictions ease, and as more of us are vaccinated, our Clinical and Ethical Reference Group has reviewed our current requirement for non-clinical staff to wear face masks while working in shared spaces.

Following their recommendation, we have decided to ease this slightly in a way that will improve individual comfort while maintaining safety for those in shared offices.

From today, those in shared offices do not need to wear a face mask while sitting and working at a desk, providing there is adequate social distancing.

To make sure you and your colleagues remain safe in the workplace, you must continue to adhere to the following:

  • Put on a face mask if you stand up to move from your desk
  • Maintain two-metre social distancing at all times
  • Practice good hand hygiene through regular washing and use of sanitiser
  • Follow the maximum room occupancy for the space you are in
  • Open windows to increase ventilation wherever possible

We hope you see this relaxation as positive progress, but, please remember, we must all continue to remain vigilant to prevent spread of Covid-19.