A new approach is in place for all new requests for communications support.

  • To align communications resource and workload with the Trust's strategic priorities and objectives
  • To position the communications function as a strategic, value-adding, professional corporate resource - providing solutions and working in partnership to achieve objectives
  • To add maximum value by gaining a clear understanding of the project from the outset
  • To provide you with the appropriate level of support, including the option to self-serve where applicable
  • To be clear about our offer and the expectations on both sides 
  • To achieve consistent approach and delivery

Our communications support is most effective when we understand the context, audience, timeline, Effective comms.jpgmessages and there are clear objectives. 

We do not consider which channels will be most appropriate until we have gathered all this information

  • You will receive a specified level of communications service matched to the priority and scale of your project
  • We offer three levels of service:
    • Level one - Strategic communications partnering
    • Level two - Day-to-day advice and support
    • Level three - Self-service
  • Full details of each of these are set out in our communications offer

  • We are committed to meeting the expectations outlined in our communications offer and ask the same of you
  • Expectations not met on either side may result in delays to projects or objectives not being achieved
  • Your feedback will help us improve how wework together in the future - please tell us what you think: communications@nwbh.nhs.uk