SAS doctors (Staff Grade Psychiatrists, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors)

North West Boroughs Healthcare SAS Committee meeting minutes and future meeting dates:

15 December 2020 - Minutes

4 March 2021 - Minutes

25 May 2021, 12.30 pm, MS Teams

HEENW SAS Committee meeting minutes and future meeting dates

Next Meeting: 24 June 2021, 10.00 am, Virtual - MS Teams

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HEE SAS Newsletter - Issue 5 - May 2021

Dr Tessa Myatt, SAS Lead - Tel: 0151 489 6137 

Carol Douglas, SAS Administrator -Tel: 01925 664 853

The Trust has a number of SAS doctors who have gone through the CCT process and are willing to mentor those applying for the CCT – please contact Carol Douglas on 01925 664853 to obtain more details of mentors.

Further Information about the CCT process can be found under related websites.

Applying for study leave funding from HENW SAS contingency fund 

Mersey have secured an amount of funding to support education and professional development for SAS doctors.

  • Please read through the SAS Development Fund Guidance Principles to confirm the application process, who is eligible to apply, what can and cannot be funded and the supporting document to be submitted with the application.
  • Apply for study leave in the usual process via Allocate.
  • Once funding for the study leave has been rejected, complete the  relevant SAS Development Fund Application Form - Individual Short Courses or Individual University Qualifications and submit this to your Supervisor to sign off and then submit to Dr Ashley Baldwin, Director of Medical Education via together with the course programme, your signed PDP and a summary of your study leave for the last 12 months.  Applicants should be clear and concise and must be submitted well in advance of the proposed course.  Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • Once all documentation has been received this will be signed off and submitted to the HEE for consideration.
  • All applications will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing.
  • Successful applicants are required to complete an HEE Evaluation Feedback Form regarding their period of study. 
  • SAS Funding Panel Review Dates 2021-22

Updated to clarify eligibility criteria and process 

  • Applications for individual courses will only be accepted from SAS Drs, not LEDs
  • MUST have used up their Trust study leave funding
  • Applications for courses run by Trusts or HEENW must be primarily aimed at SAS doctors who will have priority for places
  • Unfilled places may be offered to other staff e.g. LEDs 

  • Previously only funded for overseas courses, accommodation paid on a “London deal” basis
  • Will now be funded up to a maximum of 50% for both UK & overseas courses
    • Accommodation within London or overseas – max. £75/ night reimbursed
    • Accommodation in UK outside of London – max. £60/ night reimbursed 

The previous forms have been amended to try and make them easier to complete and clearer as to what information is required.   An additional form has been developed for individuals who wish to undertake postgraduate university qualifications.  The forms are:

  • Application Form A – application for trusts to host an event
  • Application Form B – application for an individual to attend a short course or conference
  • Application Form C – application for an individual to undertake a postgraduate university qualification e.g. PG Certificate, PG Diploma or Masters degree.
  • Application Form D - proposals outside of usual criteria

Forms must be completed fully, and typed not handwritten, to ensure the Funding Panel is able to review them promptly.