Mental Health Act - introduction of electronic detention forms 

Due to a change in Mental Health Act legislation, electronic detention forms are being introduced from 1 February 2021. Any old forms used after this date will therefore render detentions invalid so it is important that all old forms are destroyed and you  use the new forms.  The new forms are in both word and pdf format and can either be downloaded and printed off to be completed manually, or completed electronically and then downloaded and printed. 

This the first stage of using the new electronic detention forms and the Trust will be working with Local Authority partners to introduce a new process. The process aims for  the forms to be sent electronically to inpatient wards, rather than the present system where they are brought to the inpatient wards by the local Approved Mental Health Professional. 

If you require any further advice or guidance,  please contact either Ann Cunliffe or your mental health law administrator:

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