• It is the unique list of teams within the Trust which is governed by finance cost centres. 
  • Each Cost Centre is a Team in the DTL and the Team Code is the finance cost centre
  • For reporting in IMP the team in the DTL is the lowest level of the organisation that can currently be selected
  • Teams may, if it's deemed appropriate, be further sub divided into sub teams in both the clinical and incident management systems – but all sub teams must map back to a team in the DTL.  
  • The DTL hierarchy should, at all times, mirror the organisational structure at an operational and directorate Level allowing managers to access information about their portfolio collectively.

The DTL mapping table is key to accurate reporting of meaningful management information. It is the cement that brings all information together and is critical when it comes to making business decisions about the services we offer.


  • A naming convention has been adopted such that there is consistent approach to naming teams across the organisation and ensuring that the naming makes it clear which boroughs are being supported and if the same time exists in another borough
  • The organisational charts have been updated to reflect the new team names and the operational and directorate levels, and the systems will be updated to reflect the new team and directorate names and, where the systems allow the operational level will be added.
  • Rio teams' names will not change ( as often there are several sub teams in Rio)  but have all been linked to a DTL teams. Please refer to your team as the DTL team name when liaising with all corporate services and familiarise yourself with where this team sits within the organisational structure.


You can view the organisational structure by visiting the page within StaffZone


In order to ensure that these mappings are maintained new processes maps have been developed which ensure that the BI function is involved/consulted whenever one or more of the following is being requested:

  • New team to be set up on a clinical system, incident management  or finance/HR system.
  • A name change of an existing team
  • Closure of a team on a system
  • Change to organisational structure


View process documentation for each of the different processes below:

NB: New business won will come to BI after it has been to the project review process.


A new filter as has been added to the R061 performance reports. By implementing changes to the DTL, the Specialty is referred to as Directorate Level and a second Operational Level has been added enabling operational managers to review their portfolio of services, without having to look team by team.

changes to imp.png


In cleansing the DTL, all teams have now been assigned to a service and CQC domain and all clinical teams map to a DTL team. This provides the link to enable the clinical data to be moved onto the Information Management Platform such that reporting by service and/or team for all KPI's will be possible in the future. A piece of work to review the KPI's by service has commenced within the BI team 

For further information contact Sarah Waterworth: sarah.waterworth2@nwbh.nhs.uk