Publish date: 18 February 2021

On 1 June, the vast majority of the clinical services we currently provide will transfer into a newly created, standalone division and will be immediately supported by Mersey Care’s existing patient safety and quality integrated governance arrangements.

This new division will be called ‘Mid-Mersey Division’ – a suggestion put forward by our Trust to Mersey Care as it is a term already used to refer to our Cheshire and Merseyside boroughs. This will be a transitional arrangement with the intention to ultimately merge our services into Mersey Care’s existing divisional structures and arrangements.

Mersey Care has identified a small number of services which will align directly to new reporting lines within existing Mersey Care divisions from day one. These are as follows:

North West Boroughs services

Mersey Care division

Inpatient wards: Marlowe, Tennyson and Chesterton

Secure and Specialist Learning Disability (SSLD)

South Sefton Phlebotomy and Litherland Walk-in Centre


Community Services

Corporate teams (eg HR, Finance, Governance, Informatics etc)

Corporate Services

Our secure inpatient teams have been working closely with Mersey Care’s Secure and Specialist Learning Disability Division for a number of months to provide mutual support and are clearly aligned to this division and the proposed PROSPECT model currently being developed.

Litherland Walk-in Centre and Sefton Phlebotomy Service are currently sub-contracted to our Trust by Mersey Care. The natural home for these Sefton services is within the Community Services Division.

Corporate staff will be aligned to the relevant corporate teams within the Corporate Division on day one. This will facilitate single-team working from the outset.

Mersey Care directors will be making contact with relevant teams towards the end of February / early March to introduce themselves. This will be coordinated through our directors and leadership teams.

We are working hard to support you during this process and will continue to communicate with you regularly so you are fully sighted on any changes within services. If you have any questions in the meantime, please speak to your line manager or email:

Mersey Care colleagues are very much looking forward to welcoming you to a bright new future for integrated care across our combined geographies.