Publish date: 12 April 2021

Considerate car parking 

It has been brought to our attention that there have been occasions of inconsiderate car parking across our sites, particularly Hollins Park. While we appreciate that certain times can be busy, we must ensure all vehicles are parked within allocated / marked out bays.    

The demand for car parking across our sites can be high, particularly at times of staff change over in line with shift patterns and rotas. With Covid-19, and many staff working from home the need for car parking spaces more recently has reduced.  However, as the Government’s roadmap unfolds we can expect the demand to increase. Estates and Facilities Management are aware that all our sites have many visitors and other events which result in pressure periods and further demand on car parking spaces. 

We need to be considerate when parking on sites:

  • Parking on double yellow lines or cross hatch areas causes obstruction and restricts access for emergency vehicles, posing a safety risk to staff and patients in adjacent buildings
  • Parking in ambulance bays causes obstruction to patient transport
  • Disabled parking bays are for blue badge holders only
  • Parking in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge restricts access for staff and visitors who require these spaces
  • Parking in loading bays causes obstruction to deliveries
  • Parking in EV charge bays and blocks others from charging their vehicles
  • Double parking and blocking in other cars causes a nuisance to staff and visitors

Do not park on double yellow lines, in ambulance bays, in emergency access routes or in crossed hatched areas. This puts the health and safety of others at risk. Please park in designated parking bays only.

Planned work for 2021/22 - Peasley Cross

On a positive note, there are plans in place for Peasley Cross car park to be refurbished and redesigned this summer to increase car parking spaces. This will be a welcome addition which will alleviate some of the car parking issue at this site.

Reporting car parking issues

Any issues relating to car parking should be discussed with you immediate line manager. In most instances, matters can be resolved locally without the need to escalate. Should there be a need for further advice and guidance then please report your concerns via the Helpdesk.