On this page we'll share questions and answers relating to the relocations.

Q. Are there any canteen facilities on the Peasley Cross site?
A. No unfortunately not. Each building does have adequate kitchen facilities.

Q. Will we need a permit to park on the Peasley Cross site?
A. We don’t currently have a permit system. We are looking at improvements to the parking but this will not be covered in this project.

Q. Could I continue to pay for a permit at STHK and park there?
A. STHK offer a pay to park scheme for staff who work or are based at St Helens    hospital. Once staff have relocated to Peasley Cross parking at STHK will no longer be an option.

Q. What is the timeline for services to relocate to Peasley Cross?
A. Work will start in January with a view to completion mid-March with services moving over at the end of March.

Q. At times the noise level can impact phone consultations in the Therapy Hub in  STHK, will other teams occupy the O’Hanlon Centre as well as MSK?
A. Yes, however we are writing a standard operating procedure around agile working to include a clear desk procedure and will also incorporate mutual respect for teams working in the same environment.

Q. After Covid-19 will we be able to hold larger meetings, up to 20 people?
A. Yes, the Sunshine Meeting Room will still be available to book. We will also have smaller meeting rooms that can be booked.

Q. Where will LLAMS admin be based?
A. Admin who are currently aligned to LLAMS will come together with admin from the Recovery Team, Assessment and Home Treatment Team and Early Intervention Team to form an admin hub. This is something we have been working towards for a couple of years but not had the space to do it. They will continue to support their individual team until the hub is fully established.

Q. Will there be storage in the Community Hub area in Harry Blackman for leaflets and also walking aids etc?
A. Yes, there will be tambour units in the community hub, however there isn’t a store room in this area.

Q. Is there an update on agile working?
A. There is an agile working group who are currently looking at a risk assessment /display screen assessment to attempt to bring work space at home up to an agreed specification that meets health and safety standards.

Q.  Will the group room in Harry Blackman House be available for LLAMS groups when they restart?
A. Yes, on a bookable system. We will also be audited usage to ensure rooms are used when booked.

Q. Are the hot desks bookable?
A. This is something we may look at in the future but not under this project.

Q. Will the quiet areas be suitable for Attend Anywhere appointments?
A. Yes, the quiet rooms will have data points.

Q. Will there be a staff room with kitchen facilities in the O'Hanlon Centre?
A. Yes, there is a large kitchen with a seating area.

Q. What is the anticipated finish time of the project?
A. All going to plan, stage one (community teams) will move into Harry Blackman House around w/c 30 November 2020. Stage two (admin and consultants) will move into Harry Blackman House around w/c 14 December 2020. The final stage will be relocating services based at St Helens Hospital to O'Hanlon Centre by the end of March 2021.

Q. Will we retain chairs specific to the user?
A. All chairs will be reupholstered; those chairs specific to individual needs will need to be identified by the user to the project team (Nic Daley).

Q. Will the consultation rooms in Harry Blackman House have a desktop?
A. Yes, the consultation rooms will have a desktop, as in the past interview rooms will not have a desktop. Touch down areas will be for laptop users only.

Q. I will be based in the O'Hanlon Centre; will I be able to book a room in Harry Blackman House for supervision etc?
A. Yes, however there are seven quiet zones designed for this purpose in Harry Blackman House.

Q. Our team have self-presenters arriving at Harry Blackman House; will we have a room availability to see the patient?
A. Yes, the rooms you currently use will be available, however we are investing in a system known as OCCUPYE which audits room usage. We are also looking at an electronic booking system for the clinical rooms.

Q. We have practitioners without a laptop, have laptops been ordered?
A. Yes, team managers whose teams are moving into Harry Blackman House have been consulted with and have provided names of staff that require a laptop. 78 laptops were ordered on 6 October 2020.

Q. Will the laptops be compatible when working out in the community / in service users homes? And will RIO be accessible?
A. Yes the laptops will have the capability of remote working and will be able to access RIO.

If you have any questions about the relocations and can't find the answers on these pages, please email: SHLeadershipTeam@nwbh.nhs.uk