These short guidance notes have been developed to support Trust IG policies and procedures and to assist staff with specific topics not fully covered elsewhere.

Reference Description
IGAN09 Confidential information on SBS invoices 
IGAN10 Secure and insecure email addresses 
IGAN12 Sharing information with estranged families
IGAN13 Access to records - clinicians reviewing clinical records guidance
IGAN14 Patients recording consultations 
IGAN15 Restricting progress notes on RiO 
IGAN16 Sharing personal information in an emergency - senior managers /on-call guidance
IGAN17 Sharing personal information in an emergency - staff guidance
IGAN18 Freedom of Information (FOI) Act - staff guidance
IGAN19 External visitors accessing RiO
IGAN20 Videoing patients for training purposes 
IGAN21 Redaction of documents
IGAN22 Working from home
IGAN23 Breaching confidentiality in the best interests of patients