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Welcome to the Mid Mersey Division Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages!

As of the 1st of June 2021 North West Boroughs Healthcare merged with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust becoming Mid Mersey Division.

It is a time of change and during this transition period our existing employee networks are here to support you and will continue.

There are opportunities to join the Mersey Care Staff Networks such as the Women’s Network. 

If you want to see more information about joining Mersey Care Click here.

The Trust recognises the importance of a commitment to diversity, which includes engaging with the needs of all of our employees, volunteers, bank staff and students to further the equality agenda of the organisation.

The Trust has established Equality, Diversity and Inclusion networks to ensure we make our colleagues a visible element of the workforce. The networks provide a forum for unique networking opportunities and a means of peer support between all employees. The Networks enable us, as an employer, to engage directly with the needs of all employee groups and recognises which policies may impact on employees with protected characteristics, and what changes can be made to improve employee's experiences.

The networks are not a complete diversity solution but they are extremely important to the Trust as we want to demonstrate our commitment to eradicating discrimination at work. By having networks we are stating the Trust's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity, and showing that we value all of our employees.

The networks provide an effective consultation mechanism, facilitating communication between the Trust and employees. They are a point of contact to find out about the concerns of employee groups. The networks give marginalised groups an opportunity to be heard. The networks provide a forum for staff to talk to managers about issues that specifically affect them. The group can also speak up for employees who are experiencing problems at work.

The networks have committed to and developed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion planner to support National Programmes and events. These include launching of the Rainbow Badge scheme, LGBT history month.

The Employee Networks are open to all staff not just those staff with protected characteristics. The Networks meet every month. If you are interested in joining a Network or would like any more information please email employee.network@nwbh.nhs.uk