Publish date: 1 December 2020

Author: Gio Cerisola

Please can we remind and ask all staff to complete their mandatory Information Governance (IG) training at the earliest opportunity by the end of the current calendar year on 31/12/20.

Unfortunately there are no prizes for doing this but you will avoid going on to Santa’s naughty list!

If you last completed the Data Security Awareness – Level 1 eLearning module before 01/04/2020, then you must now redo it at the earliest opportunity. It has to be completed on a financial year basis, not rolling year as shown in ESR. We would like everyone to have completed it by 31/12/20.

Even if ESR shows you are not due to do it until the period January to March in the New Year, please instead do it now.

You can undertake the eAssessment without going through the whole module first and this only takes five minutes.  If you pass the assessment then you will be compliant with your training. You have three attempts to do this.

Thanks from the IG Team for everyone’s support with this.