Below are some simple steps to begin to improve your mental fitness

1. You could think about the last time you did something new and how it felt.

It's never too late to learn a new skill or take on a new challenge. Doing it will make you feel proud. Try a new recipe, learn an instrument or take a course – but don't forget to keep learning.

Ian Smith (State of Mind Sport presenter and former Super League and International Rugby League referee) says: "My thirst for looking for new things to do and challenge myself with a crossword or a round of golf makes me feel like I have achieved something that day. I am currently doing a mental health first aid training course, and loving finding out more about how to look after my mental fitness, and learn about other mental fitness issues."

2. Make time to have a look around when you can.

It's not often that we stop to notice the world around us, but it will make you feel differently. Try noticing the spring flowers or the autumn leaves.

Jimmy Gittins (State of Mind Sport presenter and former player, who broke his neck playing rugby league) says: "I always have to take notice of my surroundings from a different angle (in a wheelchair) than I used to so I can get around easily. I love looking at my environment and for the beauty I see every day that I used to just walk past. So don't forget to keep noticing what is around you. It will keep you mentally fit and is simple to do".

3. Spending time with other people is important to everyone's mental fitness.

Connecting with others whether it's family, friends, colleagues or neighbours can give us a boost when we need one. Try meeting up with friends or chat to a neighbour.

Danny Sculthorpe (State of Mind Sport presenter and former rugby league player) says: "I have always loved being around people. When I felt low in the past, I would isolate myself to feel safe, but it always made me feel worse. I now try to talk to people, when I get the chance, as I love to find out about people. They will have done things that I would never know about if I had not asked. Keeping myself mentally fit means I try to connect with people as often as I can.

Tips to beat the bad mood:

  • Take a walk
  • Listen to uplifting songs
  • Call a friend for a chat
  • Do yoga or mediate
  • Walk to the local shops
  • Make sure you get into a sleep routine

Anti-stress ideas

  • Get outside and get some fresh air – it can help clear your head
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Watch your favourite funny film
  • Put your phone on 'do not disturb' or turn it off for an hour
  • Put the kettle on

Caring for yourself is so important. It's not self-indulgent, find out more.